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Don’t worry, the project hasn’t been abandoned! It’s just been put to a snails crawl.

Work has been really busy for the past 2 weeks for the final crunch and so I wasn’t able to continue playing around with VR. I’m expecting to be able to have more time, hopefully at the end of next week (12/16), but no promises!

For those who are interested in a sneak peak of what is coming up next, originally I was going to look at how to implement things like teleportation and how to handle controller inputs from the Daydream, however I was pointed to a toolkit that already does this for us!

It’s called: VRTK (Virtual Reality Toolkit)┬áthe goal of the toolkit is to help cover common VR problems (locomotion, controller actions) in Unity across multiple VR platforms┬ásuch as the Oculus, Vive, and Daydream (experimental).

I’m excited to start working with this to see how plausible this toolkit will be with the Daydream and how we might be able to re-use the toolkit for any future projects involving the high-end devices!

I’ll update when I can! Sorry and thanks for being patient with me!

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